Proper flashing for sliding balcony window

Hello guys, I am working on the advanced stucco course and have a couple of questions. Could anyone supply me with a graphic of proper flashing for a glass sliding door opening onto a raised deck or balcony.
My second question is what is the proper sealant technic of a EIFS or HCS to a soffit termination, as well as wooden structure penetrating the EIFS or HCS?
Are you to use only caulk, stucco to termination point with areas other than windows and doors, or should there always be an starter edge, backer rod and fillet joint associated with termination joints?
I look forward to your responses, Thanks!
Jim Mac

Thanks, Barry.

Terminology - Fenestration; ‘the arrangement of windows and doors on the elevations of a building.’
Flashing/Sealing Application Arrangement Starts at the Threshold.
Flashing technique dependents upon the substrate.
Flashing starts and the bottom, the threshold in this case, then the sides, and finishes to the top or head.
Depending upon the veneer, rain cap diverter is likely required.
Is the deck/balcony recessed? May have a pan flashing you can not see.
*Note: All penetrations and/or protrusions require flashing then sealing.
Flashing Timber Framed Threshold illustration.

Thanks very much Barry for the PDFs, great info, would love to take you up on a tag along, I live in the great white north so it might be difficult LOL!
Jim Mac

Thanks Robert, some more great info to add to my collection!
Jim Mac