Proper flex duct installation graphic. Good one to keep on your inspection vehicle.

Proper flex duct installation graphic.

Why is it categorized under fire protection? Wouldn’t HVAC be a better fit?

Is there any possibility of incorporating a keyword search capability into the graphic library to make specific graphics easier to locate?

There is no visible graphic on my end.

Proper Flext Duct Installation

Uploaded February 12, 2016

Proper flex duct installation.

Then how could you have posted it?

Everyone here can see it:

I think what happened is you were downloading the hi-res version and that takes a moment or two.

Good idea. Done. In Interior section too.

You tell me.
The graphic did Not show when I first posted this a few hours ago. I would never leave a graphic/photo that large. There was No graphic showing earlier when i clicked your link.

Probably a slow upload.

Good idea.