Proper sealing method of exterior door at concrete porch

Concrete porch was level. Moisture staining inside at baseboards/floor. No type of flashing where the vinyl siding meets the concrete, and minor dryrot/moisture damage when poked with screwdriver from the exterior. Now, what would be the proper way to flash/seal this?? I understand decking with a ledger board, but what do you do with concrete, as in this case ???

Thanks again!!

No one is going to be happy with that leakage.

A step down is appropriate with the concrete graded away. Remove the stoop and do it right. That’s what I’d recommend.

Larry, it must be help night, I was getting the info while you posted. :wink:

I would recommend this.

Plus the landing should have been 1" lower than the bottom of the sill and proper flashing behind the pan.

Like Larry said, remove the stinking thing and do it right. :wink:

At the very least, they could of used sealant to prevent the water intrusion under the sill.

Water intrusion is also happening behind the siding and rotting out the wall sheathing.

Report; Water intrusion from the door sill evident and needs repair by a Quallified Building Contractor.

You guys rock, thanks a million.
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Think what the wall studs must look like.