sorry…here are the photos…



Darn. I got here too late.

Apparently, it wasn’t proper!


Sorry guys…

It turned out that it was ‘Proper’. But the real reason I removed it was because I put an ‘Electrical’ question in the ‘Exterior’ section of the message board.

Check out ‘Electrical’ if you are interested.


Thats not proper!

Adam, A Plus

Can I put an “interior” question in the “exterior” section??
What happens when I look out a window?? :smiley:

If you’re lucky, you’ll see a keg of beer, some Texas barbecue, some pizza, some jalapeno nachos, some margaritas, a big ol’ margarita pie, and, of course, some NACHI friends to enjoy it all with.

Hopefully, it’ll be something surprising…

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And a keg of beer, Margaritas, etc.

Shoot–the pitchure didn’t show up…

HELL NO you’ll tear a giant hole in the space time continueum, and the earth will spin the wrong way, then we’ll all fart garlic and burb crap. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF PETE…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO