Old Fuse box taken out of metal box…new Square D Main Panel installed beside it.

Have used the abandoned old fuse box to make multiple (11) connections between new, short copper distribution wiring to the existing old Knob and Tube. These connections are made inside the old Fuse Box with a swing door.

**Are wire nuts and the metal fuse box with an accesible door sufficient? Or should these connections be done inside a closed, inaccesible junction box? **




Splices/wire-nuts are okay in the j-box with a door.

Pretty common setup for a service upgrade.

We do it all the time, but the inspector requests we drill and tap to screw the door shut with machine screws NOT pointed sheet metal screws which are forbidden on any enclosure. I also write “No fuses or breakers inside” altho I don’t think that is a requirement. the box MUST be bonded whether it be by pipe or grounding wire. Also, the bonding must be through machine threaded screws. Self tapping screws and mounting screws are not allowed for bonding.

Do they lock all the meters in San Jose like that? Or just when there is a history of non payment?

Thanks Jeff…

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a meter without a lock.

Me too. You just can’t trust us Californians…

The utility company uses similar locks here and in Texas where I grew up.

No comment on Knob & tube?

Here’s an article from About Homes:

INF-0060 from Electricity