properly mounted towel racks

Would you say this towel rack was properly installed?

The mirror is 5 x 3.5 ft and heavy.

December 22 2009 024.jpg

December 22 2009 025.jpg

December 22 2009 026.jpg

Hmmm…good thing someone wasn’t leaning over the sink brushing their teeth. :shock:

what are the black spots? Glue? Luckily the mirror didn’t break. Good way to cut an artery or vein.

Looks like some kind of black caulk, I think its the right stuff just not enough of it. This mirror is in my house, found this disaster when I got home today.
This is my sink, the wifes is on the other side of the bathroom.

I did not install the mirror but I did install the towel bar. :cool:

I just need a beveled mirror piece for the edge, a new towel rack (scratched up) and some sheetrock mud and paint where the towel rack gouged into the wall. I’m going to a glass place near here to find out what kind of glue I need this time. Guess I better put a safety clip on a few other large mirrors even though they are resting on the backsplash like this one is.

Black spots are glue

The Towel rack looks to still be intact to me. Looks more like a Mirrior Adhesion problem.

A tube of Liquid Nails should do the trick. But let us know what the Glass guys say.

looks like mastic.

So what did you do? ,give it the 200lb horizontal pull test?

naw, didn’t touch it, a ufo landed in the yard today and caused some stuff to go haywire.

At least the mirror is not damaged.
If chipped on the edges there are tricks such as framing to hide them.

there are clips for top and bottom of that type installation Bruce and very easy to install, but the glass guy has probably explained that to you by now…

Here is one product.
The adhesive used is made specifically for mirrors.;_ylu=X3oDMTBybnZlZnRlBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA2FjMgR2dGlkAw--/SIG=12e8nl012/EXP=1261612834/**http%3A//

The broken left side is a replaceable piece that glues onto the main mirror.

haha… he said black caulk

Good thing the towel rack was in a stud…

I use mirror clips and a whole tube of mirror mastic… dont use regular liquid nail or adhesives as they are not designed for such and can ruin the finish.

A tube of mirror mastic is about $4-$5.00… mirror clips a couple dollars… well worth it… I would use at least 6 on a mirror that size.



Clips for the mirrors are unnecessary when using the right product.
I have done dance studios with 8’wall mirrors with adhesive, and believe me they stay put the minute you push them on the wall.

Any Glass Company will guarantee that too with what they use. :slight_smile:

Clips are not used with these mirrors, the mastic/glue is correct and adequate if installed right.

I will have to put clips on the other ones since I now know the installer screwed up. The wall does have some bow that prevented the mastic from working properly but a good installer would have noticed that and slapped on extra mastic.

Anyone trying to get them off ,knows that is true.

I really never worried about these mirrors since they are resting on the backsplash. The mastic only had to hold 10-20 pounds of lateral force.

Here is what we use for mirrors. Good stuff and never have had a return visit!

Liquid Nails-Mirror