Property access for inspectors.

I am having difficulty accessing properties for my inspections. Where I’m located in Colorado many realtors use electronic lockboxes and some of the agents expect the inspector to have an electronic key registered with the Realtors’ Association. This is not something as simple as going online an registering because you have to have a realtors’ license. Is anyone else having this issue and what’s the easiest way to overcome this obstacle?

Have your client insist the realtor attends the full inspection and earn their paycheck!

I am an associate member of the RE board and that allows me to have electronic lock box access. Don’t they have something similar there?

You can also ask listing agent for a one day code.

You don’t have to be a Realtor to join your local board. Most will let you join as an affiliate. Just go down to their office and ask.

The laws on if your local association will allow a Home Inspector to have electronic access or not vary widely from state to state.

Jacob, fill in your info so we know where you are.
I hate those boxes. But you can generally get the agent to give you a one day code. the problem is when it doesn’t work and you are out of cell range.

I am in Colorado also. Denver metro. I don’t know what part of the state you are in. I don’t have a problem with access. Either the realtor provides the code or opens the door. If either of those don’t happen the inspection doesn’t happen.
The realtor is being lazy!

I really like the SentriLock system we have here, I use their app on my phone to access properties. As long as I have permission from the agents then I can go do an inspection without an agent or if I have to go back to pick up a radon monitor, I don’t have to coordinate with an agent to let me in.
Very useful and efficient for me.

Same here. The SentriLock system is very cool.