Property Fax

I received an e-mail from a company offering property reports.

Did it look like this? :roll:

Looks interesting if it were actually legit. I would sign up as an affiliate if they provided me with real information about their databases and accuracy of their reports.

Good idea Scott.

I wonder if you can get the same through any Insurance Broker ?

You can get the same thing by purchasing “Clue Reports”]( from companies regarding any claims which were made on a property.

Seems like a waste of money to me.

Only allowed to the owner.

I got one too, haven’t checked into it. The grammar is like some of the Nigeria email I get.

No it isn’t.

I get Clue Reports for every house I buy.

This is from the page that you linked to Dale.

**Who Can Order the Report and on Which Properties: **

Only the owner of the property or an insurer can order the report. If you are representing a buyer or seller, the request for the report must come from the property seller/owner. Reports for a primary residence can be ordered immediately on the internet from ChoicePoint® (Buy Direct), the company that compiles them. Reports for vacation or rental properties must be requested by mail.