Property fax

I would like to introduce myself as a owner of property fax.We provide past insurance claims on homes which would give all inspections an extra bonus, other inspection companies do not have. We would love to be part of your inspection process. All INTERNACHI members get 20% off all our services. We would also like to invite all members to become a affiliate of ours which would give you another 10% back. I will handle all members of INTERNACHI myself if there is any questions or concerns please contact me direct.

thank you

steve Piegari/Property Fax
cell: 305 299 1566

Hi Steve,

What’s the turn-around time between ordering and receiving the report?

I was told that they promise a 24 hour turn around time, but typically reports are returned in an hour or so. I ordered a report and got it the next day.

Within the 24 hours your report was done or it would have been free

Typically within the hour we guarentee 24 hours or it will be free

Did you find any value in it Scott?


Did I?..No Did the client…Not entirely sure. The client is an insurance broker, so he is going to let me know how accurate the report is after he looks up the property. Still waiting to hear back from him. The Property Fax report didn’t show anything was ever submitted though.

Thanks Scott.

Scott any update to this? I’m thinking about offering it as a free service if it works properly.

Can you post a sample report so we can all see what it includes and the cost?

Maybe I am simply mistaken, but I don’t really see the value. Anyone care to elaborate, and educate, me?

Most of the time an insurance company will use the cheapest contractor, meaning the work was not properly done right and just covered up. I have recently seen an instance company pay out over $30,000 do to a chimney leaking, several different contractor patch jobs, surprise none of it was for mold remediation. Guess what, the chimney is still leaking and they still got a lot of mold.

I see there are other reports, but no samples. What is the guarantee that this information is correct?

I’m curious how you do this. I thought that CLUE reports could only be requested by the owner or an insurer.

This is not a clue report. This is a report that details the homes permit history. I worked with them several years ago. The info provided in the report is not always reliable. many areas now provide access to permit history through the internet.

The report talks about past insurance claims. It says nothing about permit history. Maye he has a report for permits history too, but this is a CLUE report that he’s selling.