Property Inspection for Farmer's Insurance?

I was contacted by a Farmers agent to do a general re-inspection of a previous property I inspected last month. He said several repairs have been completed and wanted me to verify them.

He emailed me the Farmers general property inspection survey form (3 pages). Can I fill out this form and do the inspection under TREC guidelines?

I haven’t had this request in the past, just wanted to get some input from those of you that have. The only pictures required are of the front and back of the property.

I’m trying to get back to him before I have to call TREC in the morning and sit on hold for an hour.


Have you ever done a Re-Inspect / Closing walkthru for a Client?

How much are they paying … Remember its against your personal standards AND your company policy to EVER do anything for FREE

No, haven’t done any re-inspects or walkthrus. Haven’t ever been asked to do so. Most of my clients have negotiated price or walked.

I got some good info from another TX inspector saying that it’s no problem under TREC guidelines to use the Farmer’s form. I contacted the ins. agent back and gave him my price as he asked what I would do it for. Guess he didn’t want to pay that much.