Property photos of overall condition for out of state company

I had a company from another state contact me and ask me to take pictures of a mobile home community they own. They asked for updated pictures of the overall condition.
What kind of agreement would I have them sign for this?

Are they just looking for drive by photos or do the expect you to traverse each property and take pictures inside/outside? A little more info on what they are expecting can help.

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You can’t evaluate condition from a photograph. You are simply a photographer. Once you offer comment on condition you are an inspector.


Outside photos, no interior

From the street or 360’s which require you on the property?

360’s on the entire property. It is a mobile home community.

There really is no standard type of agreement on this type of inspection that I know of.

You may need to create your own with consideration as to;

Scope of photo’s requested.

Properties to be photographed

Access availability to properties to be photographed with signed approval from any occupants.

Payment based on …( Don’t do any until payment method is confirmed in writing) and only agree to one or two for payment confirmation.

This is really out of the box, but doable if you work it out right in your favor and not theirs.

Ok, that is helpful. Thank you.

Not worth your time or headache. Typically the company didn’t notify the homeowner and there is a pit bull in the backyard, the homeowner and the dog are both mad.

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Yea, that’s something to consider. He said he needs these pictures once a year and that the inspector who was doing it retired. It’s not just one home it’s a whole community of mobile homes. It’s only five minutes away from where I live so it’s not too much of a hassle. But pit bulls is definitely something to consider and I highly doubt he would notify all the home owners in the community.

Field inspections

Thank you very much Robert, the company in that forum description is the exact company that contacted me.

Back when I was new-ish I did all sorts of these things.

You don’t need an agreement, as you’re not doing an inspection per se, you’re just filling a job order for them. They’ll send you a list of what photos they want, and some questions they’ll want you to answer.

You fill out there forms.

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Ok, thank you.