Proposal to Cut Number of Counties in Kansas

Article on local TV affiliate web site. This would throw off everything, but actually makes a litte sense. Lay off the lawmakers.

TOPEKA, Kan. - A state lawmaker is calling for a feasibility study of drastically reducing the number of counties in Kansas for greater efficiency.

Democratic Sen. Chris Steineger of Kansas City has introduced a bill that would create a 12-member county consolidation commission made up of people from all over the state. His plan would reduce the number of Kansas counties from 105 to 13.

Steineger says having fewer counties would save money and generate competition.

His bill does not address the thorny topic of where to locate new county seats. Historians said county-seat disputes led to some of the most intense feuds in the state’s history.

He also believes the 40-member state Senate and 125-member state House should be downsized, too. Steineger has filed a separate bill that would set up a Senate of 30 members and a 90-member House.

Sure are a lot of counties in Kansas.](

Can anyone explain what this means? What are the counties competing for, residents?

Just curious.


State money to aid in county run programs, country highway tax dollars sent from Topeka to the counties. State revenue sharing to the County Seats and County Jails which are used by the Troopers when necessary. And dont forget about all of those County Sheriffs that need to be paid. Even better would be the reduction of numbers in the State Senate and Representitives :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Paul,

I’m thinking there will be alot of competition for those fewer Sheriff positions too. I see what you are saying.