Proposed Alberta legislation for HI's

[FONT=Verdana]I heard a rumour last week that the provincial government was going to bring in legislation to regulate HI’s.
Has anyone else heard this?
Is there any substance to it or is it some more propaganda from the other HI org.?


Vern; I **heard **the same thing…supposed to be in January? I have not been contacted or seen anything on paper either. Don’t you just hate being treated like a mushroom…they keep you in the dark, and feed you nothing but bull$hit all day long:mad:

You’d be surprised how dead easy it is to get the information you want. I got my answer just fine. You probably could have picked up the phone and called them in the same time it took you to complain about them.


So strange you come and say you have the answer,
I guess you have noticed how well the inspectors on this board give information .
To bad you to could not have just posted the information for others to see.
The NACHI Home Inspectors try and help all members and none members.
That is NACHI is the biggest and best Home Inspectors association.
Roy Cooke A HAPPY NACHI Member

Yea, I noticed that immediately too Roy…I just went in and looked at his personal information by clicking on his name, and that pretty well said it all. It didn’t even dignify a response. Totally ignore.

With a bit of luck he will seewhat great people are here and it will rub off ,if not it is his loss.
Roy Cooke A HAPPY NACH Member

What, and miss out on the caulk and bull story you’ll no doubt fabricate in order to try to make CAHPI look bad? Come on, Roy, you keep telling us how you have all this inside information. Spread your wealth of insider knowledge around. Don’t wait for me. :wink:

Joking aside, I got to say, for inspectors (a.k.a a kind of investigator), you guys aren’t much for doing anything to help yourselves, are you? You complain all the time how your not getting any information, but no one ever considers picking up a telephone and making a few calls. You’d be shocked and amazed at how easy it is to get answers if you do a little hands-on research. Of course, that’ll take more work than bitching on a forum, but I guess you get out what you put in. I’ll tell you this much. The news about the Alberta home inspector legislation ain’t news - just to you guys.


And yet here you are…


WOW! you think I should give you some of our information WHY just give me one reason why .
You come into our home spred your foul mouth never any info .
Take what info you get and try to use it agains us .
Even then you never get it correct .
You not once have done anyting except try and make NACHI look bad well sorry for you we all have seen through you.
I hope you are proud of your self because I expect if your mother new how you are acting she would box your ears even if she had to stand on a chair to do it .
I hope some day you do just grow up a little what sort of a person is to afraid to use there own name .
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I’m not the one asking for information. I’m the guy who posted a link to where you can get more info if you so desire. It’s your friends here who want the info. I was only suggesting you come through with all your insider information. :lol:

Norm :wink:

Well here is all the information you can ever use you just have to look for it a typical Norm say zilch answer Good night Norm
Roy Cooke A Happy NACHI member

Norm say your sorry to your mom she still loves you.

So what your saying is you have no insider info for us? Just make it up Roy, we’ve come to expect nothing less of you.



Give us the low down on licencing and what SOP and COE will be used as the benchmark?

I guess you have a hard time understanding what with you hidden name and uniform and all do you also have silver bullets to go with your disguise. I give the facts just the facts no hidden Jenda . You know where I stand just the truth . try it some time you might find it is easy
Roy Cooke

Thats what I’m trying to find out but the question hasgot lost in a debate with a fool that is not a member.
i go to his info and click on ignore. Like magic he disappears. We should all do the same. He is just a waste of space.

The original question was “Has anyone heard anything about HI legislation for Alberta?”

Hey its pretty hard to ignore an ignoranus! :slight_smile:

Let me enlighten you Roy. I have customers who visit this forum and I’d hate for them to see my name associated with anything to do with your and Ray’s circus. Plus, as you’ve already seen, Ray’s a sociopath who couldn’t care less about his reputation and is willing to do anything he can to mess with people who dare to not agree with his garbage here. He’s already threatened to mess with the credit rating of some guy from Toronto just because he can’t figure out my real identity. Imagine if he or you knew who I really was? You guys have a habit of badmouthing people long after they’ve gone away, and I can’t risk you doing the same to my name, at least not my real name.

If it’s any consolation, I don’t plan to carry on much longer with you two. I will soon go back to posting under my real name exclusively like I have been for years. I’ve been posting under it here and there while you two were busy chasing Norm Bushman’s ghost, but you’d never guess who I am.

When I originally decided I’d had enough of you two and your constant crap, I asked a few of the NACHI members I know what they thought of me creating a pseudonym and giving you both a taste of your own medicine. They wewre 100% behind the idea. Says alot about you both.

So take your shots because it won’t be long before “Norm” is retired for good. But don’t think I won’t be here because I will.

Once I’m gone, the only real names associated with this embarrassing fiasco will be Roy D. Cooke Sr and Raymond E. Wand. What else is new. :roll:


What a coward, I am still waiting for you to come up and clean my lights! Coward!

Apparently you can’t read. At no time did I threaten anyones credit rating. Reread the posts! I happen to have information on the persons credit rating but I didn’t mess with the credit rating, only creditors can do that so I am not the cause only the reporter. Get your facts straight along with all the other crap you have spread about my reputation which you have gone overboard to ruin and discredit with your brand of ****.

You are nothign but a coward and make excuses about protecting your reputation. If I had your reputation I wouldn’t be worried about someone else damaging it. You are the author of your own misfortune.

Also to set the record straight my clients don’t come here to find out about me or my reputation, because unlike you I have a reputation and a solid client list. Anyone sending their clients here in the hope of gaining work is out to lunch!

You insinuated that you were going to mess with this guys credit rating because you mistakenly think I am him. When I didn’t respond the way you hoped (because I don’t care, my rating’s safe and sound), you then went on to suggest his credit rating is sh it. (Something I also couldn’t care less about.)

When I suggested you take it up with him personally, you skirted the suggestion and went on on some other tangent. We all read it with our own eyes, Ray, there’s no denying it.

Your the coward, Ray, not me. You obviously got a problem with Bottoms but you don’t have the guts to do anything but make threats and hide behind your internet connection.

You better hope your clients don’t come here. They’d be shocked and appauled at your childish behavior. As for your “solid” client list, I can’t imagine how you have any, since you are posting here almost every three hours day in and day out.