Proposed rule changes....61-30-101

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61-30-101 Seems we missed the public hearing

I hope we can be civil with this thread…:cool:

Thanks Tom, guess we’re not going to get notices from DBPR as promised and we need to look for them ourselves.

Can somebody translate the 15 page document that has been mostly crossed out?

It basically says that your are screwed as a lowly home inspector. The language completely undermines the value of a professional home inspection and inspector and essentially finishes the gutting of the home inspector licensing law.

Where is NACHI when you need them ?

Here are the documents you are looking for.
The first one is from January, the SoP which has not been approved.
The second one is after a hearing and some items have been stricken.
There was another document, which I believe has not been posted, which is the one on the other thread the John started.

I have spoken with someone with intimate knowledge of the situation, as they say, and the first issue, is this doesn’t become implemented until it is properly reviewed and accepted. That hasn’t happened yet.

As many of the items near the end, under the items not included in the scope of inspections, are in direct conflict with the original draft of the Standards as well as the national organizations Standards of Practice, I suspect they will be removed. Others are already covered in several Florida Statutes.

i have been reading over these changes and it looks like everything that was a big problem in the first draft was removed in the second draft and adopted on 4/26/13.
Anyone see anything wrong with the second draft?

Nothing has been adopted. There are procedures that take place, which is exactly what some are fighting.

Yes. Re- read both documents.

If I am not mistaken, the second document only addresses changes to sections in the original proposed rule. Any line item in the notice of change document that states “no change” effectively means that the language remains the same as the original draft rule. Consequently, the beyond the scope language in section 3 b-d remain- or - “no change” has been made to those sections.

I sent an email to about filing a 120.56 if anyone would like MY copy so they have an example…just ask here or in a PM.

I am NOT telling you what to say, say whatever you want…I just wrote a email and explained why it was not possible to follow these rules and NO matter what you did, you could be found non compliant…

One fight, One voice, One team…

Anything new on this??? :slight_smile:

I guess a lobbyist is like a realtor…they are paid to steer you thru the maze…without one we have to figure it out for ourselves.

Proposed rule change…just what it is…I guess anybody can file one. Still don’t know who the author was.

I would suggest anyone who values their profession, download these files

and listen closely.

Two questions for anyone who knows…

Is this third document available online somewhere or available to be posted in its entirety? I’ve seen it partially posted elsewhere.

Also, is June 10th the deadline for this issue?

Trying to sift through all of those documents and determine what is what is very confusing. For real entertainment, listen to the hearings.

What you saw posted elsewhere is a portion of one of the documents that has NOT been adopted.

For all, I would watch the DBPR website next week…for any possible developments…

Yes…“anyone” can…and will. :wink:

If you listen to the tapes, it is quite apparent who authored it and also, who is who.

Yes. I have listened and like Steve Taylor mentioned on another thread, it really does reveal what we’re up against.

I agree but is this “third” document that has not been adopted (the one that restricts Home Inspectors more than the version posted on DPBR’s website) available anywhere to look at in its entirety?

Will do, thanks. By the way, I was curious about June 10th being the deadline because of this… .

The deadline effectively means that if they (DBPR) can’t get the rule together and get the language cleaned up, then they will have to withdrawal the entire rule and start over.

I would advise everyone to scour the DBPR site for documents. There is much information to be gleaned there.

There are many things going on that most are unaware of…at least for now. :wink:

For those willing to help, Here is your opportunity. We could use as many eyes as possible looking through all public records and documents relating to home inspector licensing and then documenting anything that is potentially harmful to the home inspection profession or the consumers that we protect through competent and professional inspections.