Pros and cons of self employed or working for a existing company

It’s funny how many places that called me frequently when I was “new” stopped calling me once I was “established”.

Low paying insurance inspections, your name in a folder places, etc, etc


Yep, I figure you know you’ve made it when Angie’s Leads stops calling you, lol.


Every business is different, whether 1-man shop or multi-inspector. I have a multi-inspector business and our prices are towards the high end in our area. We constantly focus on quality, thoroughness, continued education and customer service. My experience has been just the opposite of what was mentioned… when things begin to cool down, (some, usually less experienced) single operators begin to cut prices to get/sustain business, which hurts the industry as a whole. The ease of “becoming a home inspector” is usually hocked by licensing courses. Yes, you can take their course, call yourself a home inspector, but that is far from being a successful one. In the state of Nevada, there have been roughly 3,000 home inspector licenses issued, yet only about 10-15% of them are still active after two years.


When I went to home inspection school back in 1984, there were 67 inspectors in my week long class.

About 3 yrs later I started calling them. I found about 14 still in business … ALL working for themselves.

As a 1 man shop many of the guys I know concentrate on thoroughness (commissioned sales people call it being picky) AND getting above average fees. We’re not here to provide you the most affordable home inspection. The realtors don’t usually refer them … Past clients, attorneys, etc do


The reason in Nevada only 10%-15% are still active after 2 yrs is cause the others made a killing in the casinos and retired. Everybody knows that

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