Protection Plus Solutions offers InterNACHI members background check services.

Some members have found a marketing benefit in procuring and displaying their background report.

Hey, Nick. Since CMI’s have background checks upon application, do you have a similar logo to add to the CMI logo to promote that, as well?

No because CMI doesn’t require a perfectly clean background check. It requires no violent or sex crime convictions.

In my state (WI) OTR semi drivers driving HAZMAT (hazardous materials) are required to get an annual report that includes a minimum of 10 years of criminal arrest records, court cases, dispositions; traffic records, court cases, disposition; sexual deviancy arrests, court cases, dispositions; other court cases (divorce, lawsuits); employment history checks; and photograph and fingerprinting. The report is accurate to the date of the report (not necessarily the 11+ months following). My report was 12 pages long and B0RING. Though I mailed a copy to one or more prospective employers, I’d never put it on a website…too boring. In WI people can go online and get this info with “a name” and sometimes with a fee, but not always. If one decides to go this way, they need to get an annual report to present it as an ongoing continuing reference; and if they get their own report they need to tamper with it a little to remove their SSN.

Hi James, this is Claudia Bernard with Protection Plus Solutions Background Screening. We can quickly design a virtual ID badge to display on your website with one of the InterNACHI logo’s if you’re interested please call us at 1877 725-5412. All of our ID badges are custom made to your specifications.

@Mark, When we prepare a background report, that information is for you to view… what we can do is provide a virtual ID badge that allows your customers to see that there are no criminal issues whatsoever with you or anyone of your inspectors. to view how this works and how you can also place the ID badges on your website, please go to our home page at scroll to the bottom of the home page until you find BadgeLINK, click on the link it will take you to the home page of one of our clients who has posted the ID badge on their website. Then click on the ID badge and it will link you to our website showing that the ID badge is clear. We provide a product called CrimSPY that re-runs background reports every month for a year, if there should be a criminal hit after hire the “green pass” will show as a “red fail”. This is extremely helpful for companies that hire many inspectors and need to insure that there is no criminal misconduct after hire. We also provide discount pricing for all InterNACHI members too!