Protest Against Obama At A&M on Oct 16th

Young Conservatives to protest Obama's visit to Texas A&M

Friday, Oct 16, 2009, 1:00 PM

Texas A&M MSC
Spence Park College Station, TX

22 patriots Went

President Obama is to speak at 4:00pm..... President Obama will be coming to the Texas AandM campus to be given a service award by President Bush Sr. The opportunity to make sure Obama gets a very clear TEXAS SIZED MESSAGE to stop the liberal assault on our country cannot be passed up. Below is info on road closure....parking....location of Spe...

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This is suppose to be a large protest in College Station on the A&M campus.

Gov Perry might be there with the protestors, while Obama makes a rare visit to Texas. :mrgreen:

Must being working on his foreign relations. ;-):twisted::stuck_out_tongue:

When Clinton was President and someone mentioned foreign relations everyone cringed.

Here is an example of what motivates people.
Here is your hero Glenn Beck listening to advice from a race baiter.

Gee I wonder if Glenn filled his stage with those that made him look good tonight.

I find the picture in the email the doctor sent offensive but it’s far from racist unless you have something against witch doctors. It’s not unlike other parodies, i.e. Bush superimposed on a chimp. The photo of Obama as a witch doctor has a meaning. It really means that Obama has no business dictating what type of health care we get. It’s like being a witch doctor. Get it Bob?

What the doctor said on Becks program was correct but you choose to try to discredit him as a racist because he opposes your point of view.

What does that make you Bob?

John he quit for a reason , and in dis-grace.
If you refuse to acknowledge the double meaning what does that make you.?
I bet any black clients of yours can help explain.

Maybe you will never get it.


Every time someone disagrees with you about politics, you label them a racist. You have lost all credibility in this area.

John My Broker at today’s inspection was told of your opinion ,and do I really need to tell you what he thinks.?

Oh well, gee then Bob. If a Broker says so, I guess I give. UNCLE! LOL :smiley:

How compelling! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry I forgot to mention he is black.

No sh!t Bob? What does that prove? That it would be more appropriate to put Obama’s face on a white Witch Doctor. Sorry never seen one.

The cartoon is a parody. It represents Obama’s messing with health care as Witch Doctorism. It’s funny and not racist. Unless of course it’s your opinion. You’re the guy that labels everyone who disagrees with Obama as Racist.

My My how they have been coming out of the wood work lately.
Jesus will be proud.

In Obama’s own words…

Please explain in detail all the comments about white people made
by Obama. If a white man made these comments, would they
not be called by you a “racist”. Be honest. Obama was good
friends and attended a very racist church for 20 years. Are we
to assume that he did not agree with ANY of that? Watch the

I heard one black congressman say that black people can say these
kind of things and it is OK because of the persecution blacks have
endured, but it would NOT be OK for whites to say them, because
their feelings are racist. He was blinded by “victimism” and thus
the double standard.

The Supreme court recently ruled against reverse discrimination. We
have, as a society, swung too far and need to get over all of this.

I think everyone needs to get over their hyper sensitivity to the
“victimism” syndrome of political correctness via racism.

BTW… the Irish were sold on the same slave blocks as the blacks
during the early days of the American colonies. Should I spend the
rest of my life whining?

I went to a school were there were more blacks and hispanics than
whites. I got called honky every day. I did not let it bother me.
If you did not touch me, I did not hit you. We got along just fine.

I have dated girls of every color in school. I had people of every color
live in my home with my family. It is a non issue to me.

I enjoy poking fun at people who are hyper sensitive to color.

I was once surrounded by all the black women in an office I worked
in (I used to work in a Fortune 500 company). They confronted me
as a new employee and told me to confess that I was really a
racist. It was their way of humiliating me on the first week at work.
They pulled this on all new white people as a way of having fun.

I turn the tables on them and told them a highly racist joke and
started laughing very loud at them. I did it in such a way that they
all realized that I could care less about their color. Within seconds
they all blushed and looked at each other and started laughing
very loud with me. They said I was not like any white person they
had ever met before.

To their credit, they discerned that I had grown up with blacks and
I felt very at home with them. I had no fear of “racial” issues and
was blind to being super sensitive. It was invisible to me.

For the next five years they came over and sought me out during
breaks and at lunch time so we could laugh and fellowship with each

I think those who are hung up on the political correctness of racism
are very funny. To those of us who are free, it is a non issue.

Get over it or you will never be healed.

I don’t like Obama because he is liar and what he is doing. I could care
less what color he is. His mother was white, so if he came out more
white, I still would not like him.

I never attended a white liberation church for 20 years and said amen
to a racist pastor… like Obama did at his black liberation church.

BTW… we had a couple black people come over to our protest at
Texas A&M. They asked us why we hated Obama and were such
racist. We put our arms around them and laughed. They sat down
next to us and we had a good time together. Once they lost their
fear, they realized that racsism had nothing to do with why we were

We treated them with love and they relaxed. Everyone said they
were welcome to stay and sit with us. If we were racists, why did we
invite them to join us? After they stayed for a while, they met
other blacks in the crowed and realized it was not just a gathering
of racist white people.


nine … ?

That leaves you one fry short of a happy meal :mrgreen: