Protimeter Moisture Meter

Does anybody else use a Protimeter? I do and about to smash it on the ground next inspection I have. I get maybe three inspections under my belt before the battery dies.

That being said, does anybody have a good, reliable moisture meter they use regularly?

I have 7 survey masters. They rock and one mm2. I think they call it

I have a survey master and I like it when it’s working. Unfortunately I get about 10 minutes out of one battery. So it makes it highly unreliable at inspections unless I’m always carrying a spare.

You know you can send it in to GE and they will fix it for about 60% of a new one. Typically they just send a reconditioned one that acts as a brand new one…

Have got it so it shuts down in auto mode?

I have tried to contact GE but I can’t seem to find the right department to send it to. Do yo know where to send it for repair? It’s done this since day one.

Yes, it shuts down in auto mode.

Try this one…let me know if it works…

GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies,1100 Technology Drive Billerica, MA 01821-4111 USA
Tel 1:978 437 1000
Tel 2:800 833 9438

Russell’s may be better though.

Well, after getting passed around to six different people, I found that GE doesn’t own Protimeter anymore and it’s owned now by Amphenol. They want $325 to fix my Surverymaster even thought it’s never worked.

I took it to a local electronics repair shop and they said it’s pulling three times the power from the battery even when it’s off.

Kind of ridiculous and I don’t want to spend this much money just to get another faulty product.

Does anybody have a suggestion for a different meter? I talked to a few other people in my area that have Surverymasters and they all said they have the same problem with them.

I use an extech MO297. This moisture meter is awesome and very accurate. It can be used pinned or pinless, gives you relative humidity and temperature. Also has a IR thermometer if you need it. I can also Bluetooth it to my Flir camera if needed.
I would never trade it for another. cost is about $700.00. They make a model exactly the same but without the blue tooth for a little cheaper.
I have not changed the battery since I bought it over a year ago.

Reed ST-128M.

I’ve had mine since 2009 and been happy with it.

I have one. Use it 5 days a week. Battery lasts, oh, about a year. No problems whatsoever.

I also have an Extech MO297 along with a Tramex MEP and RWS. They have all worked great for me.

One word…Tramax…never had a problem with any of them.

Those are dependable too, Tyler…indeed.

I have two Surveymaster Protimeters. The only issue I have is wearing out the bottom portion of the shell from the floors. A battery lasts at least 6 months if not longer. No issues otherwise.

Agreed. I just bought the newest Surveymaster to replace a nearly 14 year old model, and the only issue was the peeling overlay (it didn’t look good in photos…)

(And the lost cap that lets you jamb the pins in your hand over and over.)


Got a Surveymaster. Works great. Battery lasts a year or so. Use it every day (except Sundays and the occasional Saturday that I’m actually off). Great tool. No complaints.

me too, I like mine just fine…

Guess I got a lemon. My solution is just taking the battery out when I’m not using it.