Protimeter Surveymaster Manual in error

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I just received my new Surveymaster and almost returned it, as I could not get the “zeroing” function to work. The instructions to zero the meter state:

"press and hold the > (right arrow) for 3 seconds until the word nul appears..."

The word "nul" does not appear in the display. Pressing the > button only switches the display from "REL" to "%WME" and back again. After several phone calls and emails, I received a response from GE Technical in Ireland. They stated that this was included in the instructions in error, and was carried over from the instructions of a previous instrument.

From what I understand, zeroing is not needed except if there is drastic difference in temperatures, say from your car to the clients house. Then, if the display presents with aberrations when it is turned on, you need to let the device come close to room temperature, and wait for "REL" to read zero before using.