Proud Dad: My son was accepted to the Leeds School of Business today.

Last year he was accepted to the engineering department, which is much harder to get into, but instead opted to work for me for a year.

He is an Eagle Scout and an auto mechanic.

Congratulations to both of you.

It was one of those days.

His younger brother, who is only 17 and in 11th grade, after meeting with his teachers and school administrators several times in past 2 weeks, decided to withdraw from school today. Tomorrow he cleans out his school locker. He starts his construction job on Monday.

One gets accepted to college, the other quits high school… on the same day.

Well congrats and sorry at the same time Nick. Maybe the younger one can learn a trade and will get into schooling after a few years. You never know.

Congratulations anyway, no matter what you do you never know what direction your children will take. just hope for the best and learn from mistakes.

Congratulations Nick, they’re alive and lovable. :wink:


Be proud of both Nick
Not everyones cup of tea to go College and the country needs builders. Both will do fine.

Congrats to you both.

“Fathers,provoke not your children to anger, lest they be discouraged.”

One of the toughest principles for fathers to follow. How to impart wisdom upon your children without coming across as a dictator can be difficult, especially with know-it-all teenagers. Boys can be the toughest…

I believe that those who quit school often do it simply because teachers are not creative enough to teach those who think outside the box. My brother had a hard time in school, he began to think of himself as stupid…yet my brother and I were blessed in that we had supportive parents…he makes 6 figures today.
All kids are brilliant, many teachers are not…as a result you have those who get bored, distracted or disinterested with education.

Encourage him to find out what he loves to do in life and strive to use that love to make a living off of it. Those who are truly happy and successful do just that.
For your consolation, he is young…there are those who are in the 50’s & 60’s who through this economy are starting over… we all have made mistakes while we were young… our children are no different.

The most important thing is that we as parents always keep a good line of communication between us and our children.



PS. Don’t make the mistake of comparing them to each other… they are both individuals with different strengths and weaknesses…yet they a common denominator… parents that love them equally.

The construction worker may end up doing better than the college grad.
See it all the time, if they have a strong “work ethic”.