Providing more funding to the IRS will harm inspectors

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Preaching to the choir.

Boomers will soon transfer a huge amount of wealth to their children. Likely the largest in history.

The government knows this and are coming for it.

Unfortunately, many many people believe the government should.

These people do not believe America is great, they believe government is great. For the government is the carcass which sustains these vultures.


tl;dr IRS bad. :smile:


Why not now?

critical thinking eludes Dems




Employers don’t determine what any worker will work for. Starbucks decides what to charge for coffee. FORD decides what to charge for trucks. Your therapist decides what to charge you for a session. Employees decide what they sell their time for.

Buyers then determine if they want to pay that price for coffee, trucks, sessions, or labor.

All prices are determined by the sellers, not the buyers.

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The average unskilled worker’s wages are driven by market conditions. Not an agreement between the worker and the employer. This is because there is very little scarcity in unskilled labor. The only time that needle moves is when the work force shrinks. The unskilled worker cannot shrink the workforce. Nor can they organize. So it is ok to criticize a company that capitalizes on this, which they all do.

I believe big business is behind the open border. They want cheap labor imported.

I employ 112 people and I don’t determine what any of them makes. They do. I have to pay some of them $30/hour or they’ll refuse to sell me their time. I have to pay others hundreds of thousands a year or they’ll refuse to sell me their time. But in every case, they set the amount they will work for, not me. I don’t have any control over that. If I did, I’d pay them all 10 cents an hour… over obviously.

Heck, I’d do it just for the lunch. I’ve seen the pictures, lol.

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LOL. Seriously though, out of my 112 employees, I have to pay one of my employees $20/hour because that’s all he is worth. I’m probably over-paying for the time he sells me. If he demanded $25/hour I wouldn’t buy his time just like I don’t buy Starbucks coffee at $6/cup. I have to pay one of my employees $750K/year because he’s worth it. If he demanded 1.1 million I’d have to pay it because he’s worth it. The employee making $750K/year is underpaid by about a half a million a year. Sssshhh. But in all 3 cases (2 employees and Starbucks), I don’t determine what they sell their time or coffee for. They determine that.

Hmm. What did the boomer kids do to earn their tax free inheritance?

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Birthright. The wealth I worked hard for and give to my children is rightfully their property, not the government’s. The government did nothing to earn the wealth I accumulated other than act as a hinderance and a leech.


Low skill workers can’t demand anything. That’s my point. So ultimately you are in control of his wage.

Think of all the thousands of people in meat processing plants, the fields, the hotels etc etc.

They don’t sell their labor. They accept what is provided by market conditions which are manipulated by forces outside their control.

Such is life. But we can’t act as if we have no responsibility or power to change things.

Amazon receives huge breaks and corporate welfare so Jeff can make his billions. It’s not wrong to demand a living wage in return.

Our politicians are whores and the low skilled worker pays the price.


This is news to me. What is corporate welfare? The government gives him money?

First consider. One of Trump’s requirements with the deal with Mexico is that their auto workers make a minimum wage of $15 per hour. Why did he do that?

Now bring the idea home, locally. If I were to allow Amazon, Walmart or even Dollar General into my town I would demand higher wages. Because ultimately they are going to gut local small business and keep wages low.

But we do the opposite:


Read your own article again. There was no corporate welfare. The government didn’t give Amazon one penny.

We need to end all corporate taxes. Corporations are just pieces of paper, and so don’t pay taxes ever, anyway. Corporations simply COLLECT taxes for the government. And who do they collect them from? Their employees and their customers. Corporate taxes are just a sneaky way of taxing us.