PSA for Old White Guys in the Sun

If you are an Old White Guy who is outdoors a lot, or if you know any Old White Guys that are in the Sun a lot I have a PSA.


It turns out our skin is not made to be in direct Sunshine for extended periods or time, like our Lifetime…

My self I go once a year now and just had a small Piece of skin on my nose removed a few weeks ago…(Basal Cell) using the MOHS Procedure.

The upside is My Grandkids think I met Zorro…:smiley:

Get Checked Guys… :neutral:

Thanks Brian agood reminder…

Ironically Brian, I had a piecd of skin removed from my nose a month ago and a byopsy done yesterday behind my leg.
All for defense against possible melanoma. The nose skin was frozen and fell off. It was nonmelanoma. Preventive measures for people like me in the sun all the time, it is better to have it checked out immediately.
Good advise. :slight_smile:

Good advice Kelly,
Another thing to ponder. Buy shirts with a SPF factor, I bought mine at Bass Pro Shop. It also came with a flap which folds under the collar which can be raised to protect your neck from direct exposure to the sun.

As I sat in the waiting area between procedures Aubery I was thinking I do not want to do this again. :frowning:

I promptly went and bout some SPF 50 sun block and a new Foreign Legion style Sun Hat. :smiley:

I’ve had “stuff” chopped off of my back. Too many days at the beach when I was younger, dunno.

Anyway. I’m still not as good about back being protected, but will, on occasion, cover ears and parts of face with** sun block**.

Hat on at almost all times during work as well.

Hope you’re to be OK BK.

sounds like the procedure i had last year to remove basil cell…since then i have been required to show up every six months for post op exam…two weeks ago they used the liquid nitrogen to freeze a section of the top of my head…wow…that’s cold…

It is all good Tim. I had one on my back done years ago at my GP’s office, also too many day either at the Beach, or Skiing

Each time I go to the Dermatologist now they freeze something off.

That is what they did on my nose a month ago Jim. It does have a sting doesn’t it?

why yes it does Marcel…I said wow that’s cold to the dr. and he said your skin is now 135 deg. below zero…just a tad nippy i’d say…

Good reminder BK. I went last year and luckily they were just rust spots. Different weather from WA and AZ. :wink: