PSI Testing Issues

Recently took and passed IL State Exam. Sent in application with all required documents and fees and have been awaiting the arrival of my license in the mail. Got a handwritten note today stating my PSI has to have a picture from when I took the test. If I don’t have one I should reach out to PSI and they will send me one. Huh? There is no phone number.
Anyone else have any issues with PSI?

That sounds like a good idea, Tyler.

Best to you.

PSI should’ve taken your picture.
I took mine back in May, that was the first thing they did.
Picture was top right of the score sheet.

Thanks for your note.
Unfortunately they didn’t. I did manage to connect with those main offices yesterday and was instructed to send in a passport photo.

Hoping that will finish it as I’m anxious to get to work!

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