Psychics: Stars not aligned for Palin

Psychics: Stars not aligned for Palin](
By DANIEL LIBIT]( | 10/2/08 1:21 PM EDT

Well-known psychic Elizabeth Joyce has doubts there will be an election this November. Her instincts tell her that, come next week, there might be “rioting in the streets and martial law” and that President Bush will henceforth carry out his term indefinitely.

But that’s next week. Tonight, there’s a vice presidential debate. And Joyce’s predicted outcome runs closer to conventional wisdom on the much-anticipated matchup between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. She believes that the debate will ultimately go a long way in determining the next president, and that Biden will take the day so long as he doesn’t push her too much.

Joyce, whose website claims she was “born with the authentic gift of psychic ability,” was one of a handful of prominent psychics Politico surveyed to get a better “sense” of how the Palin-Biden matchup might shake out. According to their occult minds, Biden has the edge and, ominously, the moon and stars are not aligned in Palin’s favor.

Deanna Fitzpatrick, a Reiki Master from Biden’s home state of Delaware, also got the vibes the senator would win. Her psychic instincts tell her that during the debate, Palin “should take some pauses, instead of trying to answer too quickly. I think she’s going to struggle at that. I think she’s going to have a tendency to grab at things too quick and she just has to take her time.”

A Politico reporter predicted that Fitzpatrick was a supporter of the Obama-Biden ticket; she confirmed the premonition.
Before the Thursday evening debate, the gang over at Psychic Source TV (self-promoted as “the nation’s oldest and most respected psychic service”) will do a debate preview, the first of its kind they’ve done.

Psychic Moira O’Dowd, numerologist Paige Kelley and “not just a tarot card reader” Therese Baxter broke it down for Politico on Wednesday.

When asked how many customers have asked them questions about the election, O’Dowd said that they’ve gotten quite a few requests to do astrological readings of Obama and Biden, but not really any of McCain.

“Maybe that’s an indication of our client base,” O’Dowd said.

Biden’s astrological sign is Scorpio, which according to the Psychic Source website means he’s “deeply and emotionally connected to his career” and “focuses his passions on the task at hand.”

Palin is an Aquarius, which, O’Dowd said, means she’s free-spirited, free-thinking, innovative, outspoken and articulate — "although she hasn’t shown that lately.”

That means Mercury’s retrograde could really stultify Palin. “There’s a slight astrological possibility that Mrs. Palin would pull out. … Or she maybe just have one of those long Ms. South Carolina pauses,” O’Dowd said, referring to a notorious and excruciatingly embarrassing beauty pageant flub that occurred in 2007. She pegged its likelihood at 50 percent.

Unfortunately there really is more:

PHOTO: Sarah Palin discussing her chances of coming out on top in tonight’s debate…

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