PT foundation errors

Opinions wanted

On what, Barry?

Please be very carefull it is hard to see them they usually are completly covered on the inside .
The out side is frequently covered with foam board then cement board.
The cement board can fool you into thinking it is a cement foundation so all should be carefull on all inspections especially where you can not confirm from the inside on what the structer is .
I have done a few and was not happy with what I saw .
some bowing some repairs with foam and I found dampness reading in all. They apparently are used in our praries a lot .
They get very little rain.
I do not think I would by one under any circumstances.
If you live in an area that has wood destroying insects it could be possible for them to enter even though the manufacture says no…

Roy Cooke

I have built 6 pressure treated wood foundations and I have been back to see them all. There has been no water infiltration problems with any of them and they are the warmest dryest basements I have ever been in. The problem is the builder doesn’t follow the build guidlines set out, alot like EIFS. It is a very good system when installed properly but like anything else, bad builder bad foundation. There are only a few reasons you should get water or dampness in the basement, all of them go back to improper build tactics. I have been in a few that have had moisture problems, due mostly to not painting cuts and improper corners. A few did not have sufficient space for water to travel under the floor system and improper drainage. If built to spec there is not a better basement to be had.

(1) Do they have the same value as a Block foundation built next door .
(2) Do they sell just as fast as a block foundation .
(3) I wonder what % are built properly .
(4) How do I as a home inspector know if it has been built correctly
Roy Cooke

I think nachi needs to provide some free ce on pt slabs. 72 views and pt stands for pre treated…:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Sorry for the confusion folks,

PT = Post tension in these parts I guess PTSOG would have clarified

Numerous unprotected PVC drains or drains in the beams, supplies are protected with foam sleeve in beams or plastic sleeve at surface

Intrmediate beam trenchs are crooked like a snake and numerous upper tendons are off to the side of its beam location by over a foot

This foundation will also have tendons and rebar in contact with soil, anchor end tendons in contact with forms, trash in beams, tendons in contact with supply and waste pipes, excess vapor barrier draped over plumbing in beams…

I’ll try to resize photos after work

As per usual Master Harris tries to make NACHI members look silly . I guess he got out of the wrong side of the bed today.
I live In Canada and we have very few slab homes like I have only ever inspected One in 7 years . The Question was ( PT foundation errors ).
No where in this do I see the word slabs.
In my area foundation is a lot different then slab.
PT Foundations is ( Pressure Treated ) Foundations and I have seen over ten.
Good luck Master Harris obvious you have been away for a few days and need a fix so you come back to try and show how smart you are and how silly we are only fortunatly we all know you have got it backwards .
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Master nothing here.:slight_smile:
It’s just embarrassing to see wrong replies to a post that was viewed by 60 plus inspectors and no argument.
I can only assume more than one of them were Nicky’s new elite cmis and several were inspectors that claim to be elite/ superior over all other inspectors due to passing Nickie’s on line quiz, learing everything they know from this bb, and paying for his bogus certification.:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Master Harris if I was embarrassed by an association as you try to say you are with NACHI .
I be dammed if I would keep going back to see what else I can learn.
You come back so often I get the impression you are a very slow learner .
I wonder why you are so jealious of NACHI and our membership.
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Roy… Take a chill pill and get out of the other side of the bed tormorrow. :smiley: :smiley:
I was just saving some of nickeys az elites from being embarrassed in front of ashi members by asking about pretreated wood in pt slabs at az ashi’s post tension slab seminar next month…:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Roy… Take a chill pill and get out of the other side of the bed tormorrow. :smiley: :smiley:
I was just saving some of nickeys az elites from being embarrassed in front of ashi members by asking about pretreated wood in pt slabs at az ashi’s post tension slab seminar next month…:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Poor Master Harris comes onto our happy home and tries to upset us and gets upset with himself when it does not work .
Sorry I am happy and if you keep hanging around with a little luck you to can see why we all are satisfied with out Great association .
I do wish the truth did not upset you so, but to bad for you .
Hope you had your nap this afternoon it might just make you feel a little better.
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Here are the photos. I’d appreciate some constructive input, if time allows.


i didn’t mean to take up all your sweet time, i’ll give it back to you one of these days
James Marshall Hendrix

I’m surprised that the beam passed inspection from the AHJ. Not to worry about the pipes though, the cable will win. I have seen many cases where the cable, when stressed, will crush or break plumbing lines and electrical conduit.

Hey, Jeff.

Just want to make sure that you notice that I’m staying out of this discussion.

I have no experience with PT slabs or PT wood foundations, so she’s all yours. Have fun, but don’t forget to teach us something. And thanks.

I will do my best. . .


Good call, if I knew what you were looking at. I do not see where the cables are touching the plumbing or electrical.
With open arms, why are what seems to be depression slabs, don’t have a cable down lower so it would act as a T-Beam integeral with the rest of the slab?
Since I am not familiar with PT slabs, my logic tells me that the depressions should be made integeral, and if not, why are they provided. ?

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This link has been posted numerous times in the past but it’s worth repeating. It’s got quite a bit of information on SOG w/ rebar and PT foundations. I just wish it had more example pictures and diagrams.