PT Foundation Fix

I figured I would post in a new thread to save Chris’ thread for his questions.

I just returned from the job site. The contractor’s employee cut into the slab about 5” from the front edge of the garage slab. They cut clean through 3 tendons. One tendon was sucked into a void during construction….I thought it was also missing the dead anchor, but it was just pulled into the slab. No repair needed on that one. Two tendons didn’t get cut, but when they removed the concrete around the dead anchors the moved in about 3” from thier original location. These tendons will not be replaced, but will be stressed for the new location of the dead anchors. The three cut tendons were removed and a new tendon will be threaded through the existing sleeve. The 7th tendon runs parallel to the cut. They tendon was scored, but did not fail. The de-stressed the tendon, but out the damaged area and replaced with a new section and two couplers. This will be re-stressed when all the repairs are completed.

During the cutting the employee stated he heard several load pops and the homeowner reported the slab “vibrating” when each tendon was cut. I would think someone would have figured out the issue when the it happened the first time.

All said, the repairs will cost $5,600. Not too bad for such a huge mistake.

I will try to post some pictures later tonight.

It’s really a good thing that residential cables are short. I have seen cable failures on tendons of 300 feet and more. You get much more than a “pop” from these. . .

I guess the garage was missing the warning signs/stamps?