Public comment to TREC Commissioners regarding CSST by John Cahill.

I wonder if the HI having mandatory E & O insurance and looking like an easier KILL for the casualty insurance group made him an easier target thjan the plumber OR big bucks Pulte??

I suspect many scenarios are possible. My gut feel is casualty insurance did not initiate this but the result could open their eyes. I am still surprised Ward threw stones at the inspectors and trades. Depending on the regulatory environment in the inspectors state . . . home inspectors facilitate protecting bigger fish in the real estate transaction while accepting poor compensation relative to the risk. LoL. I tell young people to sell real estate and not inspect it.

Will need to keep an eye on future events.

PB water lines. Chinese drywall, roof shingle cracking, now CSST. It is always something, and we are the center of the target.

Perhaps Mark Cohen can write some sort of paragraph to thwart all of these issues away from us. Thanks John, for your work on this. This, IMO, is one of the largest conflicts of interest in the U.S., when the REA’s set the rules for the HI’s. Deep pockets seem to rule.

It may be time to review the SOP’s, codes of ethics, and agreements, even the reports we write because of this one issue, that can fester to other home concerns.

TPREIA & TAREI are working right now to get out from under TREC and eliminate the conflict of interest. We will see how this “pans” out come the next legislative session.

We got the laws out here in Kansas. You guys in Texas can do it too.

Casualty insurance subrogation claims are on the rise in Texas. They are saying “you did not meet the Standards so you owe us”.

Think about this. The Texas Standards are exceptionally complex and conflicted. The service you are going to offer is:

  • You will find every defect that is associated with the Standards.
  • You will specifically explain every area or condition that prevented inspection and you must be able to prove it (photos).
  • You will pay for any item you did not find for the next 4 years (or longer).
  • You will pay for any damage (repair, personal injury, property damage) a 3rd party (or anyone) incurs.
  • You will underwrite the insurance companies risk
  • You will underwrite the lenders risk.
  • You will underwrite the manufacturer of the product if it is improperly installed by someone you had nothing to do with.
  • You will be held responsible for possible and actual manufacturer defects.
  • You will agree to pay fines to TREC for any of the above.
  • You will put your license and privilege to work on the line for the next 4 years (or longer).


:shock: Your accepting all of the above risk now . . . . and for what? There is a (some what sorta) solution.