Public meeting in Kansas to discuss home inspector rules.

Did you notice that the rules requiring inspectors to turn over their files to the board upon the request of the board has been excluded?

Looks like somebody got the message.

Did they?

I would ask a pointed question: Has it been eliminated, or hidden for another day?

Good question! I suspect that “Molly” has dug a hole to put documents in and will dig them back up at a later time, Damn, I always thought dogs were man’s best friend until now;-) but again "Molly has always been a “b*tch” :shock:

Could they be in the law vs the rules??

Again, another meeting consumated by attorneys, for attorneys. It is all BS. The board can, and will, do anything they want, anytime they want, for anyone who pays them to. The HB 2260 gave them the power to do this. The only way that it will change is for the law to be changed. We need to contact all of our legislators to be there with us. Notice that every correspondence goes through the home of Mr. Barnes, and not Topeka. Where are our records going to be kept, or sold for the information we provide? There is no enforcement by Topeka for the board. Who guards the guard?

Nick, will you be there with us?

Maybe Molly is a guard dog.

Recieved a letter yesterday from Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson.

“Because the Kansas Legislature is responsible for laws concerning home inspection laws, my office does not have jurisdiction over this matter. I have forwarded a copy of your letter to Representative Scott Schwab for his consideration. He will be better able to assist you with this matter”.

Don’t you just love politics? I would like to see some of us send him our thoughts.