Public or Private?

Should I keep these in general information or members only.As I can do either at this point but doubt I will have time to change from one to the other later.

Keep it here so everyone can enjoy.

Id say public so everyone can learn.

How about free to all of us dedicated NACHI bro’s and charge the public… Maybe you should ask R.R.

OK looks like public.
I just thought private would save embassment to any member still learning.
Not every body has thick skin as myself.

Even an inspector with 50 years experience is still learning

Henry this is true but some questions may seem silly to those with more k nowledge in certain systems and componants.
I do not want anyone to feel any thing asked is going to make them feel dumb in a public forum as most of us may have a weakness in certain areas of expertease and it shows by looking at reportwriting,where you see the focus on particular systems members are more comfotable with,and taking up a higher percentage of wordage.
This is normal as ,after all we are generalists that recommend qualified contractors take a better look.Seeing the way a home is built from the ground up over a period of time will hopefully help most to have a better understanding of the way these systems interact and effect one another.
At least that is my goal.
I may be wrong ,but will give this thing a shot and if it helps even one person ,this is a good thing.
Non the less public it is,as we can always take private E-MAIL.

Keep it here so I can enjoy, please.

Said and done.
Let me add that I picked up an excellent book today by accident when researching roofing.
This is a general book for contractors,written and illustrated in a way even my primitive brain can comprehend.
Troubleshooting guide to residential construction by The Journal of Light Construction.It is a great overall guide to trouble shooting common problems with modern construction techniques,and even a quick read thru should help refresh your inspector eyes.

WOW, now that is something I never knew you could CONSTRUCT… LIGHT, :shock: wait now, this isn’t like some off the wall religion is it? :shock: :shock:
Have to stay tuned to read how that is done. Should be very interesting. :shock:

Thanks BOB. :wink:

PS, sorry to hear about your accident, I know why all those comedy clubs that opened up in the eighties closed their doors.
Ok=OK…I was lazy