Pulled a good one today

Started my inspection at 12 noon. Clients followed me around asked questions. We traded stories and had a rather good time. Inspection took 2 hours. While we are going over the final remarks I am puting things back in my tool bag. In the past like some others I have lost flashlights, had to go back and find my keys ect. ect.

We check to make sure all the doors are locked for the homeowner and leave.

As I close the front door and hear it latch I see it… :shock:

My camera is sitting on the table locked inside the house.

I call the homeowner who was out looking at their potential new house, then hang around for an hour for them to get home.

Isn’t it odd that in that very second the door is locking you remember you left something behind? I’ve done it with my truck keys, and as it’s clicking shut I remember them (now I have a “Hide-a-key” underneath).

At least it was only an hour. Could have been worse, especially on the weekend.

It is always something

I feel for ya :frowning:
Hope you did not have something scheduled after it.

Remembering to stick the new stylus in the tablet is hard to remember when folks are talkative.

That is why I ALWAYS insist I have the lockbox code before an inspection.

“It’s always something…if it isn’t one thing it’s another–it’s always something.”
Rosanna Rosanna Danna

Don’t feel bad. I have left my multi-thousand dollar IR camera in closets, basements and even in an attic. Once, I even drove all the way home (about 30 miles) before I discovered my loss. My wife calls it early onset Alsheimers.

I thought that I was the only one, that did things like that!!

What were we talking about?