Pulled the trigger!

As of Monday I’m officially enrolled at Builders Academy taking their Pro Insp 1 & Pro Insp 2 courses along with Termite Insp and Application! Very exciting as this is a huge career move for me that is a complete 180. Hope to learn a ton from everyone here as well as my instructors. Very excited!

Since most of us have no idea what Builders Academy is can you explain why their training is better than NACHI Education and why you are pushing it ?

He doesn’t owe you any explanation for his choice of schools and if you had any knowledge of what is required to obtain a license in the state of Texas, you wouldn’t ask your ignorant, condescending question. Take your pompous *** back to FaceBook.

Adam: Congrats and good luck! Get ahead of the game by putting Windbag on your ignore list now. He’s never going post anything that’s worthy of the time you will spend to read it.

There are alot of things some people have no idea about. :roll:

You sure have our Bob pegged. :shock:

But how do you really feel Chuck? And to think, he was member of the year. How was that pulled off?

Adam take a screen shot of the small jerk circle of names below mine.
They have single handed ruined the forum for many that no longer post here.

Be careful not to dis agree on their religious or political views as they are out of work and enjoy stalking.
Be sure to click on Frank’s links to his report sample he made as he thinks it will bring him higher website ranking and praise.

Thanks for the SEO Bob. You should click on the sample report link to see what I wrote about you. :slight_smile:

I did not think Adam was pushing anything else but a friendly intro.
There was no mention of his training school being better than any others.
There was no link submitted for his training classes for me to go to.

Seems like Nachi on steroids. 448 hour course. Good luck to you! http://buildersacademy.com/pro-inspector-program

Required training of 370+ hours to obtain the Professional Inspector license.

Yes, welcome aboard Adam, there is lots of great training courses here too that may help you. Good Luck!

What in Gods name happened here! This is worse than Neighborhood facebook groups with stay at home mommies arguing whose kid is more autistic!

Relax folks, I’m just here to start a new journey, one I can be proud of…

oh… and lets not forget…LOL!!!

Yeah, but nobody has no idea about as many things as Boob does.

Congratulations. What are you leaving to take a 180 and become an inspector?

LOL for sure…

Welcome to NACHI MB.

Best of luck to you in your new endeavor Adam. :smiley:

I’m sure you can figure who may or may not be helpful in the future.
Please do not hesitate to call/contact me or others privately to avoid all the drama. :slight_smile:

Thanks folks. I’m coming from a 10+ year background in IT specifically web hosting and server management. I can certainly answer any hosting questions you may have as well since its definitely a big part of your identity. Let me know

Adam …

Don’t know that particular school, BUT when getting licensed in Texas your best bet is a Texas school … Texas has rules that do NOT exist anywhere else in the inspection world, LIKE their promulgated inspection report format AND being under the Texas Real Estate Commission.

Those items were the

in legislative hearings in at least 7-9 other states when licensing raised its dirty head in those states

Hopefully something I can take you to court for .
Did you mention the report sample was done on a freebie while you were out of work with no jobs and had tons of time ?

Just asking but have you made 10 inspections yet ?

Second question is are you still false advertising you won best Inspection report of Internachi when it was actually just the crappy software you use competition.

Every Home Inspector Pro user has a better looking report than yours.