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Seller said all the permits for the enclosed patio (black area at bottom of photo) were pulled.

I don't know about other areas, but here we typically pull a permit (open it), and then we also have to have the permit signed off on (an inspector inspects the work) to close the permitting process. Minimum permit costs about $35 in my area, and minimum permit closing costs about $135 in my area.

You might check in your area, and next time a seller says all the permits were pulled, ask them if the permits were closed or signed off on.

In this case, yes, the permits were pulled, but they were never closed, as my buyer found out.

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Hi to all,

Russel, great pictures, that is one of the daftest things I've ever seen, quite often though I see where a permit was pulled, but the city never got around to doing an inspection and dangerous conditions exist.
It's a good point just because a permit was pulled does not mean that it was done well or safely ![icon_confused.gif](upload://qv5zppiN69qCk2Y6JzaFYhrff8S.gif)



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