Pump Question

Thinking of adding another new pump.

Anyone have any feedback on
Zefon Bio-Pump® Plus http://www.zefon.com/store/zefon-bio-pump-plus.html



Set it and forget it, lol. I have two and find them worth the extra expense. The charge lasts a lot longer than I thought they would. Make sure you buy the calibration tool because you have to calibrate the pump before every inspection.

You need a pump ? hmmm

Thanks john for the honesty.

Bob, I wish I didn’t but I will take all the help I can get…:shock:


I have the one that looks like a ammo can made by zefon.
I also have one you just posted.
I personally like the ammo can better. You dont need to drag a stand around and the battery seems to last longer.
While the sample is running I use the HG software on my phone to take pics and fill out the paperwork end/