Push Button CB's


Hi to all,

Harvey, I pay them no special attention other than the normal inspection issues, however I do note in the report that replacement breakers are difficult and expensive to come up with. Like most 35-40 year old installations I tend to find lots of other general electrical isues.




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It is my experience that all breakers have a life span where their inner parts wear out or become less effective. It is also true with all older style breakers of ANY brand…I always inform the client it is outdated to todays standards and also inform them that everything has a life span as well as what Gerry so correctly stated…the sheer cost factor to try and replace any of them.

I will always mark it is as a potential future issue that may need attention…now that is not throwing the fear in them…just stating the facts when dealing with old panels…it could work fine for another 50 years…or it could GO tomorrow.

As an electrician I don’t like to get into making the client feel that have to upgrade everything just because I say so…but I do make them aware of an outdated system that may not work correctly in todays high energy demand.

As always in the end…Its their choice what they want to do…not mine as I am only making the aware of possible future issues they need to be aware of due to age.

What everyone else said: old, outdated, expensive to replace.