PushMatic Circuit Breakers

You have beern around the block a few times, can you give some info as to if these were the first circuit breakers? Anybody?

No the first Circuit breakers I saw had also a fuse in each circuit .
This was in the Fifties and can not remember the manufactures name .

Roy Cooke

Added I think it Might have been Cutler Hammer

Square D “XO” series are about the earliest I can think of.

We’ve seen quite a few Bulldogs dating to 1954-1955; can anyone tie residential breaker installations to an earlier date?

I found circuit breakers in a 1908 home a couple of months ago. And 200 amps coming in. 742-SF house. Something, I thought, was fishy about all of it, though.

I pulled a breaker off the one I have and looked for a date. The only thing it said was CSA approved and a Patent date of 1946-56. The panel is still in good shape.