Pushmatic Heat over 105º

At a condo I did yesterday 3 of the breakers exceeded 105[FONT=Times New Roman]º[FONT=Arial]…the rest of the panel was 78 to 83[FONT=Times New Roman]º[FONT=Arial]…any issues?[/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]

Trust your gut Harvey. I would say yes.

Besides the fact that it’s an obsolete panel, a warm circuit could indicate high resistance in the circuit or possibly too much load on the circuit.


I agree with Jeff completely, some breakers will always run warmer than others (GFCI’s for example) but a 30 degree jump is unusual. I would recommend further evaluation by an Electrician.



we had one recently that was 2x the average of the rest… i believe it was 65 and 130… realtor immediately called an electrician friend of his who stopped by and evaluated… stated it was due to a couple of electric space heaters the owners were using… I wrote it up anyway…

I am sure in FL you have those space heaters on all the time… LOL