Put---IN the concrete back, INT system lolol what 2" thick

:17---------------------- lol what’s code, 4" ? No fkkg 4" here, and check the pipe, its higher a bit so even less concrete there

another INT system, B dry… leaks

and for how much $$$ ?

hey Boobie Young from CA land, you okay with this right

Mark, your house needs one of these great systems! :star_struck:

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If Mark ever does anything bad and ends up in hell, his punishment will be eternal service as a helper on an interior system crew.

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ha!!! yeah guys, i often dream of my basement having a pretty INT system installed, getting a woody just thinking about the drain tile… as for eternal punished in hell, nah because i am Lucifer, folla me and i’ll guide ya’s to ho-land10502422_610315852414976_6677396976756824309_n