Putin agrees with me. Inflation is the result of U.S. money printing

As I explained here: Stop calling it "inflation." Instead, call it what it really is. inflation is due to the fed printing money to cover the federal government’ ridiculous spending on programs the Constitution prohibits them from spending on.

Putin agrees: Putin: US inflation result of ‘unprecedented’ money-printing | Al Mayadeen English

I honestly don’t know why anyone outside of Russia would give a rat’s ass what Putin thinks about anything, especially when it comes to economics or inflation.


Dear Putin,

Thank you for pointing out the obvious you crazy maniacal murdering a-hole! Do the world a favor and go off yourself. Here, allow me to lend a helping foot:

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Strong Dollar = Strong President

Trump was putin’s pawn when they tried in vain to weaken the dollar… Today we are witnessing a true America First policy, besides Russia’s economy puts it on 3rd world status along with North Korea. China and the USA dominate world markets and Putin is a failed despot whose actions will drag down the people in Russia for decades to come.