Putin should use a shoe

I thought Putin was a little bit smarter than this! Guess **I was wrong **and bravo to Kerry for telling him where to go! Perhaps Putin should do like his predecessor (and most likely idol) Krueschev, who was from Ukraine, BTW, and get a shoe and bang it (hint: Nick…)!

LOL. I own that famous shoe (the pair actually).

Strange hobby!
Anything else we should know about?..Humm:)

Well, knowing that of course (you told me, remember), I was hinting that you should ‘‘lease’’ it temporarily to Putin so that he could ‘‘knock’’ his anachronistic idiocy off! What a jerk!


Careful…Nick is probably still pretty fond of him.


I can see some resemblance between the two from some of his posts of late…

A shoe fetish!
I hope thats all the …souvenirs he has.
Just Jokin’