I was sent information by e-mail that a new version 5 for porter valley software is available. I do not see any information on there web site or chat board. Has any one else been contacted, and what did they do to fix all the defects with this program?

Probably put out a slicker interface with defects. Don’t worry…a patch for it will come out in 2011.

So far they havent fixed anything. The program will not even install. I though PV went belly up. I havent been able to access there forum for at least 6 months. Even there commercial site is down.

I know that hurts Dominic’s feelings ;):wink:

I have not had any problems accessing the forum or installing version 5 on my computer. I am still evaluating version 5, but not impressed at this point.

version 5 is pretty cool, instalation was easy. hell version 4 was better than lots of others.

Well mine still pops up with errors on setup and still cant access the forum. Even my commercial version gives server access errors. Thats why i figured they went belly up. I havent recieved a call back from support since Apr.09

I was able to download it on my netbook, but not on my laptop that I do my fnal reports on. On my laptop I get a SQL error and the program won’t load. I emailed
Phil Lucas @ Porter Valley Software Support ,

and he wrote me back and said

“Apparently, there is a problem with one of the service packs that makes a certain windows file un-writable that the installation needs to update in order to work. We need to download a utility program to your computer that will update this file properly. When you have time and can load TeamViewer on that machine, we can take it over and fix this file for you. Call us at your convenience.”

Just haven’t gotten around to getting back to him

I downloaded it on to my Dell xps 1530 running vista home. It installed easily, looks just like the beta version I had downloaded earlier. It seems a bit cumbersome, and will need a long learning curve to use it fully. I cannot use it untill either they get the mobile device software sorted out or I change to a netbook that they say will run the software just fine. Has anyone used this software with a netbook? George

I finely got it to run on my system. This is the same program with the same flaws that Lorren introduced over a year ago.

Our company is so flustered. Have spent lots of time and $ on PVSoftware for our inspectors - and now I can’t get anyone to return my call when we need help. Hate to spend the money - but we may need to think about a reputable company. Any recommendations for a great full narrative style software - I hate to change the look, our clients are used to us and don’t want to upset the apple cart.

I am still milking the old version of P.V. I did not feel comfortable investing any money into the new version. I will probably switch over to HG some time this year.

Hi Bill

It’s a pity the company Loren sold to is not giving you good service, personally I like the look of the PV reports, but without help if needed like anything else the software could be worthless if there are issues.

I use HomeGauge and have for years, I have never needed any help for anything related to the software, but help is readily available, message board on their website, direct emails to Russ Buchanan, Sean Moore, Mike Mchugh are answered within minutes.

I estimate 90% use Home Inspector Pro for good reason.
The good Inspectors that is.:mrgreen:
Heck he is live on G chat right now,so no reason to wait for one of the flunkies from a lessor software to respond.

Dom’s Software is Very Good as well…!

Call them they answer the phone… I spoke with a Tech yesterday and ported my old PV library over to version 5 on my new computer…:smiley:

I will use it in the Field tomorrow…So far it looks like the upgrades are good.

Best looking report out there. :smiley: Very fast.

I have left messages with “the receptionist” and emailed 3 x since my original post on 6/9. I even emailed Nick, who forwarded the email to Keith Swift. Keith was going to check in to this. Still nothing.

Our company is going to just continue to work with PV4 until we analyze and decide on a company that wants our business.

800.388.4541 or support@pvsoftware.com

I may have another # as well, as Brian mentioned, I’ve been in touch with them recently as well.

Time to “cut the cord”. How long are you going to waste your time with PV. HG and HIP will take care of your needs immediately. Trust me… I was a loyal PV user, now use both HG and HIP. Best software move I ever made.

William, there’s a reason that us (HIP), HG & 3D all made library converters from PV 2 years ago when the company got sold. Keith Swift made PV a great company, without him there was bound to be problems. I’m still getting people calling me for tech support with PV after I helped out a few guys on the forums here.