PVC Dryer Vent

Does anyone know if a PVC dryer exhaust vent acceptable for an electric dryer for a home built in 2001? TKS

No it is a fire hazard recommend removal to a metal pipe

Duct must be sust be smooth metal pipe

PVC Pipe is not acceptable.
It creates static which will create an increased level of lint accumulation as well as not meeting the required fire rating of the vent piping per mechanical code.

Are you referring to the piping or, the actual termination vent?

Like this: http://www.globalindustrialdirect.com/lambro-industries-plastic-louvered-vent-hood-4-in-brown.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping&gclid=COqM3valqrcCFQ3l7AodpisAjg

Here in Florida have seen several newer homes with PVC venting and routed down through the floor and parallel in the concrete foundation terminating out by the A/C unit. Most that go through the attic are metal. I do dryer ductwork on occasion,cleaning and repair and see all kinds.

That’s not too smart either.

That’s what I think too but it’s already there.