PVC pipe is here for what purpose?

Does anybody know what this removable pvc pipe is for ? There are two of the on this So Cal house.

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Need Picture?

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I can’t find the ‘upload attachment’ on this page.

Click reply. Top menu. 7th thumbnail from the left. Hover cursor. Upload in italics.
Go to your picture folder. Select an image and upload.
upload image illustration

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Thanks, I just uploaded the photos.

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and Yet …?

It’s just to deter you from accidentally bumping the plumbing.


Thank you!

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Looks like a caped plumbing DWV vent termination. The non fastened/secured riser might be required to impede posable blockage.
Write it up under limitations.
Request disclosure from the vender.

No, Robert, I think Junior Fudge has a better ansewer, it’s a pipe bollard to protect the plumbing.

Thanks anyway.

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