PVC water line?

Can PVC pipe be used for the main water line entering to the water tank from the pump. Also why would they put an open trap off the waist line.I feel they need to put a cap on the open line to stop gas discharge.




The PVC is fine for water supply material. What is that black crap at the fitting? Was this fitted properly at the elbow? I’m wondering why they used two different materials when all they had to do was make a simple PVC connection.

As for the trap, it needs to be permanently sealed if there’s nothing draining into it or if there’s no trap primer.

Are you sure that’s not a sleeve containing the true water line and the pump wires? It looks like those wires might be going into the larger pipe making me think it’s a sleeve.

That’s how I saw it too.

Me too. That trap looks like someone wanted to add something in the future and it never got done.

The conductors look individual and not sheathed.

I can see the stainless steel worm drive hose clamp.

Something like this?