Came across black Q-PEX fittings yesterday. I know the brass Q-PEX fittings were supposedly problematic because of dezincification but what about these fittings?

Home was constructed in 2008.

I used these when i re-plumbed my house and have had no problems with them. My pex has been installed for about a year…if that helps any

No known issues. . .

The picture only shows Q pex crimp rings.

The plastic fittings may very well be Zurn Q pex but the picture does not prove that, be careful making assumptions, there other vendors making them too like this example.

Those plastic fittings are used some around here too and have not heard of any issues…yet…

If there are problems down that road I can’t help that. I’ve yet to find a crystal ball for my inspection arsenal. :smiley: