QA Program for Wind Mits

Citizens Insurance Meeting (6/25/14) with remarks on SB 1672 and the QA program for wind mits:

Fast forward to 1:39:00 - 1:41:15 AND 2:40:20 - 2:42:15.

Where do we go to be a QA certified?
Nick should look into this for his Florida members.

Yes nachi should become a tpa

That way all florida nachi members are approved vendors, i believe we have the resources to accomplish that.

Quality Assurance for everyone is a tremendous task. All your Wind Mit’s would have to be submitted for review and then you make the corrections even it means going back out on your own dime. Micro managing is expensive. Instead of a quality assurance program maybe at a minimum a qualifying and correction period with those who have trouble producing a good report.

Everyone of our reports goes through a QA review. It is time consuming but worth it in the long run.

Same here, but the board is talking about certifying tpa’s who will not be reinspected… moving forward. you know as well as I, john, that this will be a competitive advantage. I think our association, ( we) should get fl. nachi members this approved status. Nick should have all the infrastructure from our last attempt. unless I misunderstood the board meeting,they are moving forward with this retail program soon

btw. same bill makes kickbacks illegal for insurance agents to receive. Effective july, 1st

Yes…directly or indirectly. Also, inspectors/inspection companies cannot directly or indirectly give referral fees to insurance agents, reps, etc.

Yeah, that’s what I got too. Sounds like their underwriters are working to roll out these QA standards sooner rather than later. It will be interesting to see what they come up with.

Going back on my dime…HA. Almost Never happened. I go back if they contest and get paid upon arrival if I am wrong I hand them their money back. I was wrong once :slight_smile:

Who else has the balls to admit that…No one :slight_smile:

I never screw NO ONE EVER… but I now have programs in place to make sure I no longer get SCREWED. Best thing I ever did :slight_smile:

If you include pictures of all the discounts, why would you need qa?

This is just another way to try to make good on the deal the insurance companies promised the contractors…which never came to fruition.

People click the wrong box all the time.

Then I would hire competent people! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

And, since you have been doing this far longer than I, I have a question for you.
How many questions on the form, out of the 7 posed, do you NOT know the answer to prior to going to the home?

For me, the answer, in most instances, is one, roof to wall connection.

Wow. So this new law will negate the position of G.W. Harrell’s (DBPR) DMI Kickback Declaratory Statement that gave inspectors cover to give kickbacks to insurance agents?

I would say so. In fact, I would go as far as to venture that this provision in the law was a direct, or not so direct, response to the statement.

It was a ballsy move by the person(s) who issued the statement to go directly against current statutes, but I didn’t think it would hold up.

Oh hell John and I agree again :slight_smile:

Even I have clicked the wrong box :D:twisted:

if you had decent software, that wouldn’t happen!

I am sorry, I am human and make mistakes all the time. The trick is to catch them and not continue to make the same ones.

Agreed were all responsible for producing a good report.