QA/QC Plan for Sun Nuclear Model 1028

Dear NACHI Members,

I am having difficulty finding a QA/QC “Template” that can be used to satisify the requirements for certification to use a Sun Nuclear, Model 1028 CRM. I recently purchased two (2) new model 1028’s and even Sun Nuclear could not help. I am located in Pennsylvania, so the plan should be suitable for PA certification as well.

Does anyone have a “Template” I can use for the Model 1028 and substitute my company name, etc to make a finished document ?

Your help would be greatly appreciated !

Jack Moreck
Insight Home Inspection, LLC
Courtdale, PA 18704

I got my template from the AARST bookstore, but it’s not free. Ther’s a little work involved with it, but they pretty much tell you what to fill in the blanks with.

Can you sell that template?


Can you assure me the AARST Bookstore “Template” is a product that can be used to produce a finished product without too much difficulty. Is it actually formatted to handle the Model 1028 ?

I’m sure there are hundreds (or thousands) of NACHI members that are using the Model 1027. Could a Model 1027 QA/QC Plan be used for the Model 1028 as well ?

If so, please help your fellow NACHI members who are purchasing the new Model 1028 ! If the 1027’s Plan cannot be used, then how would The AARST template help ?

There must be member(s) out there who can help us with this information !


Jack Moreck
Insight Home Inspection, LLC

The AARST template is not modeled for any specific monitor. It is a generic form template that can accomodate any type of monitoring device. Who controls your certification in PA? In Ohio the Dept of Health regulates radon testing and they have there own regulations on what is acceptable. The AARST QA/QC model is 40+ pages long and I had to read it several times to fully understand it. If your looking for the easy way out, this isn’t it.