QB Windstorm Plus(TM) Inspections...

Guess it is finally here… for anyone who did not know or see this coming.


Not counting Citizens, what percentage of other Carriers are reinspecting on the new 1802 ?? I thought the pics helped cure the need ???

Did you really think that was going to keep the carriers from reinspecting…? You haven’t seen the mess, have you.

Obviously I don’t know, that’s why I asked, that’s why we’re here.
I haven’t heard or had any 1st hand knowledge of any reinspections from the Agencies I write through in a year.

Off the top of my head I know of 3 others that have reinspected, and as this is a public forum, I’m not dropping company names. The information is probably out there if you search for it.

At least they are over 100.00

Interesting as the consumer was not happy with the companies performing the reinspections so would they pay one of those to do their retail inspection? “Customers will not have the false sense of security of an inaccurate inspection. QB Windstorm Plus will give them the peace of mind knowing that their mitigation credits are warranted and accepted.” I am not sure how these inspector operate but it has been my understanding that under the reinspection inspectors did not move insulation or crawl to limited access areas to obtain the required determination and/or photograph. If that is the case would it really be an accurate inspection? These are just questions based on the past. I would think the consumer would need reassurance and clarification.

“…along with its network of participating insurance carriers…”


the whole Wind Mit Program continues to spiral down the toilet…