QOD- 12/22/2006 ( Chimneys & Fireplaces ) IRC 2003

Give this one a try…ENJOY !

For future it might be a good idea to put a time when the pole will be finished .
Some poles still come back to top of the BB many months after they where started .
Just a thought .


hmm…In the pole I put 12/22/2006 and since it is the QOD the poll is only open for 1 day…hmmm…thought this is how we do it.

Yep…right there at the top it says “This poll will close on 12/23/06 at **7:57 AM” …**just gotta pay close attention there Roy :smiley:

Sorry about that just goes to show we all can miss thing, me more then others some times . Thanks . Cookie

No problemo " Cookie" monster…it’s all GOOD my brother…:slight_smile:

It’s about time we started to get along a little better. See no one needed to jump down anyones throat, just point it out and move on. Hope the rest of the year, on the rest of the board, we could do the same.

OH ya Merry Christmas to all.:):):slight_smile: be happy.

It’s ok James…We are spreadin the LOVE…:)… Have a SUPER Merry Christmas Yourself…

Hey if is me you are talking about ,I needed to be told and it was done nice . If I had been telling some one else I do not think i would have told them as Nice .
I might have said He dumb a$$ look at the top and read what is there.


Roy you obviously have a chip on your shoulder so big you can’t see around it. All I read in your posts are me, me, me. I’m glad you’re proud of something even if it’s not very becoming. The statement I put out was only about the tone in which everything was delivered; so don’t flatter yourself that someone was talking about you. Dam you can take something good and pi$$ on it every time. I guess if that’s all you can be proud of, take it it’s all yours.

Thanks for your report

OK…guys…the answer was 20 Inches…IRC 2003 - R1003.6 Fire Box minimum depth is 20 Inches on a concrete or masonry fireplace.



My IRC reads as follows:


Help me. I still haven’t located the depth minimums for a fire box. **

it’s in there John…I will get it tonight…and post it.

Which year is your IRC John?


  1. It does not indicate any change from the 2003.


I found it. The code is R1001.6


Great question. Thanks…Looks like it was a simple typo…No problem.**

Glad you found it John…in my 2003 IRC One and Two Family Dwellings Manual it is R1003.6

Which version were you using again…it should be on page 268 if you have the spiral back version.

My R1001.6 is for Termination.


IRC 2006 (Soft Cover), Chapter 10- Chimneys and Fireplaces, page 301, Code R1001.6. Guess it has changed. Cool. Now everyone has two references.

Exception: Mr. Rumford is happy…

Most excellent John…I was going to buy me a 2006 IRC very soon…I like keeping them handy in the van and office…we are still on the 2003 here but that is changing very soon…virginia is always behind on everything:(