QOD- 12/26/2006 - Framing ( IRC-2003)

This is a simple QOD- Please read it carefully before answering it…we are not looking for ALL the varibles…just the answer to the actual question.

Upper? Is that the top of the beam?:stuck_out_tongue:


upper, lower? Can this joist be confused for a stud? Paul, I’m glad you’re an electrician, I’d hate to see the houses you build. :smiley:

<once again, ducking and running>


lol…nope the term joist is fine…it is written this way…you have only a limited space for the question…has to be brief and to the point…Plus these terms are written in the IRC text that covers this question as well…don’t blame the messenger…:slight_smile:

FYI…nope…a JOIST is not a stud…could not support the weight that a ceiling " JOIST" or BEAM would allow…thehehe…confused yourself didn’t you…put that coffee away Thomas.

Actually, my floor framing and beams usually look pretty good up until the Electrians and Plumblers show up. ha ha. That is when I have to pay attention to holes and notches.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink: :wink:

Woooooooo! I drill tiny 3/8" to 1" holes. The real evil people are the HVAC guys. I’ve seen them cut 3-4 sections of top plates before they found the right way they wanted to run their ducts. Damn top plate butchers!


Hey…MY holes are allowed…we are talking about NOTCHING…think about it…if I NOTCHED the middle 1/3rd…the freakin THING would fall…oh wait…I just gave away the answer…shucks…oh well!

Thanks for helping Paul. ha. ha.

Yea, I know, there are still a few that care, right? ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink: