QOD 3/10/2006 Electrical

I hope that all of you had a good week.

Yes, I have, hope you are too. :smiley:

Good questions Greg.

I’m sure I got it right, yet I’m still having trouble finding a reference to cooper wiring. Must be a Fla thing. :smiley:


This link has a lot of useful information.

HMmmm Cooper - Must be wood and hoop wiring!


Feeder cable?

Mike have you tried the latest code check?

No, but I have tried the latest spell check, does that count? :slight_smile:

The correct answer is C.

spell check doesn’t realy matter, cooper is a word, just not the word you want. they do need to put a program on spell check that knows what we mean. i mean the micro chip that the c.i.a. put in my brain should be able to communicate with my p.c. right?:mrgreen: